Jewish Mysticism for Spiritual Seekers

Can a mystical teaching that is several thousands years old be relevant for us today? Can it provide practical wisdom and guidelines for the complexity of life in the 21st Century?

Come and find out!

If you are a spiritual seeker, chances are that your instincts will be to look for such guidance in the traditions of the East: Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, and meditation, for example. Most of us are unaware of the richness, depth, and practical value of Jewish mystical teachings. In particularly, we are not aware that this ancient teaching can provide useful perspectives for grappling with the fragmentation and polarization that we see around us at present.


Here is an opportunity to be introduced to the fascinating world of Kabbalah and Chassidism. Whether you are already familiar with Jewish mysticism or simply curious to learn more about it, this course offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and embark on a transformative journey.

Use our first call to find your decision!

If you are not quite sure whether the course is for you, you are welcome to attend our first session on

28 April free of charge and then decide whether you would like to continue with us.

Sunday April 28 - 8pm CET/ 2pm East Coast / 11am West Coast / 9pm Israel

 We would love to meet YOU there!

Voices from Participants

"I am so grateful for this course. It is such a broad and beautiful knowledge and it is so worth listening to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."



"Ich finde den Kurs ganz toll. Die Kombi von Martins Meditationsanleitung und Igals Ausführungen sind wunderbar. Das Thema MOSES beim letzten Mal war absolut faszinierend, mit wie einfachen Worten das Wesentliche so erhaben erschien. Danke!"

"I think the course is amazing. The combination of Martin's meditation instructions and Igal's explanations are wonderful. The topic of MOSES last time was absolutely fascinating, with how simple the essentials seemed so sublime. Thank you!"


Online Course - Jewish Mysticism

A 6-Session Introductory Online Course with Igal Harmelin and Martin Bruders

(Preise inkl. MwSt - Prices incl. VAT)

240,00 €

Prices: Standard 240€/260$ - Reduced 190€/205$ - Sponsoring or bring a friend 340€/370$

We invite you to attend a six-lesson introductory course, co-lead by Igal Harmelin and Martin Bruders. Dive deeper with us into this vibrant human adventure.

The course will include teaching lessons and text study (led by Igal), meditations (let by Martin), small sharing groups and Q&A sessions. The goal is to create a space for a genuine, enriching engagement to enhance an authentic inner experience.

“But do you know who anticipated my entire psychology in the eighteenth century?

The Hassidic Rabbi Baer from Mezeritch, whom they called the Great Maggid. 

He was a most impressive man.“

 –CJ Jung, speaking about one of the greatest Hassidic teachers.


Topics explored will include: the meaning of Oneness in a world of duality; prayer in the context of Oneness; Hassidic vs. scientific understandings about the origin of the universe; the ten plagues and our present environmental crisis; prophecy in the 21st century; the God’s hiding in the universe; yearning for God as its own fulfilment.

Schedule for the Jewish Mysticism Course Vol. 2

Sunday April 28 - 8pm CET/ 2pm East Coast / 11am West Coast / 9pm Israel

Sunday May 12 - 8pm CET/ 2pm East Coast / 11am West Coast / 9pm Israel

Sunday May 26 - 8pm CET/ 2pm East Coast / 11am West Coast / 9pm Israel

Sunday June 09 - 8pm CET/ 2pm East Coast / 11am West Coast / 9pm Israel

Sunday June 23 - 8pm CET/ 2pm East Coast / 11am West Coast / 9pm Israel

Sunday July 14 - 8pm CET/ 2pm East Coast / 11am West Coast / 9pm Israel

All Sessions will last 90min.



Igal Harmelin has been engaged in an active, committed spiritual practice for more than 50 years. He taught meditation on five continents, spent years researching world religions from a mystical perspective, and in a few months will be ordained as a rabbi.

Martin Bruders has been a committed spiritual seeker for more than 20 years. As a qualified social worker, mediator and coach, he facilitated numerous meditation retreats and seminars to deepen the mystical dimension in leadership. He is passionate re-connecting his Christian roots back to its origin in Jewish mysticism in an embodied way.

Practical Information for the Jewish Mysticism Course

All sessions will be held via Zoom and will be recorded. Once you are registered you will receive the necessary link at the latest 12-24 hours before the first call.