Healing Space Christian Mysticism

We want to invite a healing movement with as many consciously mature people as possible. We want to connect to the origin, the essence of Christianity. We want to "willingly expose ourselves to this path" and become a part of the revelation therein.

Revelation is a way of life, it is a conscious decision to face the path. For a revelation changes the person to whom it is revealed. When we invite more light and awareness, more beauty becomes visible, but also more of what was previously in the shadows. So becoming more aware of our own failings and the failings of the generations before me is part of the revelation and gives us the opportunity to turn back to ourselves.

Turning away from church and religion does not stand in the way of connecting with the essence of Christianity; my connection to the divine and my love and closeness to Jesus or Mary. All this can be revived, nourished with like-minded people, be an example and ground for others who doubt.

2 free webinars: Christian mysticism

We offer two free webinars as healing spaces for Christian mysticism. 

SU 16th of June - 7.30-9.00pm CET

TH 04th of July  - 7.30-9.00pm CET

We would be delighted if you could join us. Feel free to invite friends and other interested parties.

After your registration you will receive the necessary link from us 12-24 hours before the call.

What you get out of it!

  • Find meaning as part of a larger movement
  • Heal your own spiritual wounds
  • Explore your love for the core of Christian mysticism
  • Experience the energetic connection to Jesus or Mary
  • Experience how healing can happen between us
  • Meet like-minded people on their path
  • Become an example for others
  • Recharge your "spiritual batteries" with us
  • Speak your truth
  • Strengthen your authentic channel to the divine
  • Research the lives of your ancestors, their failures and their resources 
  • Get closer to your essence, this will have an impact on your entire life - professionally and familially


Why Christian mysticism in particular?

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Christianity is part of the water in which we all grew up if we grew up in Germany or in large parts of Europe; even if you or your ancestors have turned away from the church at some point, it still permeates large parts of our society today. The date of today goes back to the birth of Christ. There are Christian symbols in many public places and millions of places of worship in thousands of cities. Numerous values in our society are also still shaped by Christianity today.

My parents, for example, still had to deal with the question of whether a Catholic woman could marry a Protestant man. Sounds incredible, doesn't it? But it was only 1-2 generations ago, depending on how old you are.

That's why we consider it an absolutely important step on our path to becoming more aware of our Christian imprint and to look at its shadows as well as to uncover its treasures.

Become a pioneer with us when it comes to unearthing the treasures of our spiritual roots.


What's our greater vision?

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We assume that we are all created with a unique need for spiritual realization and that there is no completeness in any of us as separate beings. Our completeness stems from the deepening insight that can be given to us, a collectively held intention for fulfillment by the Divine. This is perhaps what the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh described with the term he coined, interbeing. 

This is an eternal process - always in the now ... and it only works together!

Let us become a vessel for the renewal of faith; faith through our own direct experience of God.

And perhaps this is then also a small but necessary contribution to a planetary connection between the religions, which preserves the treasures of each one, but brings the common essence in the three faces of God to the center. The great I (e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism), the great YOU (e.g. Judaism, Christianity, Islam) and the great IT (e.g. Taoism).

The fact that we start with Christianity is so obvious to us because we grew up in a Christian-influenced society.

What is a healing space (for Christian mysticism)?

christliche Mystik, Mystik Kurse Online, Heilungsraum

What we can no longer afford today is to make decisions that take us even further away from our inner essence as individuals and as humanity!

That is why we need spaces in which we can dedicate ourselves to a healing movement together with like-minded people. 

Healing happens when closeness to what was distanced or fragmented can take place again. A healing space needs to take certain principles into account in order to facilitate a healing movement. We provide orientation through a certain structure and framing. We have enough space and time for emergence, so that the new that emerges through us can take shape. An intention inspires us and can be coherently reflected between us. We live relationship in the form of listening, witnessing, resonance and related feedback. The individuality of each and every one of us plays just as important a role as coming together in community.

When the fragmented parts of our spiritual connectedness come together again, simply by coming together as a group with a shared intention, then movement takes place and wisdom reveals itself, we suddenly understand the languages of others.

When we hear the origin of the sacred in our ears, when the sound reveals itself to us and we know something that is already very old and at the same time seems fundamentally new, then healing has taken place.

What have we come across in our work so far?

  • Curiosity, love and passion, trauma, doubt and resistance
  • Turning away from the church
  • Doubts about the meaning of the religion cultivated here
  • a reluctance to associate with people who find fulfillment in it
  • a fear of being dissed if we 'come out' in attraction or even love with the Christian essence
  • or the connection with the divine when we feel close to Jesus or Mary.
  • Turning away from the church is a movement. It does not stand in the way of connecting with the essence of Christianity.
  • The sacred also manifests itself in Christian mysticism because we turn towards it.
  • In biblical texts we find treasures that can be transformed into the present day if we allow them a space to be heard, felt and emerge.